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Micro-Manufacturing FAQ

What is Micro-Manufacturing?

We make parts in small batches where traditional mass production would not make economic sense. We listen to good ideas from our customers, design and prototype products to solve problems.

The typical life cycle of our products is less than 2 years. In a lot of cases we make less than a hundred parts. During the life cycles of these products they get constantly worked, revised and customized. This allows us to continuously make adjustments to our products at any point. It also allows us to include customer feedback in current product offerings. 

Architectural Solutions

We typically make mud rings, templates, clips, mounts and accessories for mass manufactured architectural products so buildings and spaces can be more usable, better organized and completed faster.

Mainstream Product Accessories & Mods

We enable our customers to use and install products like electronics, camera equipment and mounting solutions in a way that suits them. Sometimes simple parts can improve a products usability in a major way. 


We manufacture innovative parts that solve common problems primarily in IT and Telehealth. We help our partners stretch their budgets and allow a more convenient and better user experience for healthcare workers and their technology. 

The 3D Printing Advantage

The fit and finish of 3D printed products isn't for every application but with our advances in proprietary manufacturing techniques we are able to produce 3D printed products that are far superior to the typical hobbyist quality level. Considering the problems we can solve and solutions we make available

Out typical process works like this:

  • Customer Needs Assessment and Measurements
  • CAD 3D Modeling
  • Fabrication and & Fit Test
  • Repeat as Necessary


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